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Re: [nafex] an good idea.....maybe

I think it's a great idea. I don't know where you are, but from what Ginda
says you are somewhere south of us . Everyone but Claude is south of me! I
don't know anything about uploading or anything, but I think it would be fun
to be able to share ideas and look at what others are up to.
Several years ago, my husband and I were considering moving to central
Virginia. I couldn't wait because I was hoping to at last be able to start a
project that had been in the back of my mind for years. That was to make my
yard, minimum one acre to start, into a Garden of Eden. I knew it would take
years of planning and work, but I planned to combine trees, shrubs,
perennial and annual plants and plan them to either support or offset each
other so that everything had its optimum environment. I hoped to have some
of everything, companion plant and use herbs and vegetables to fill in and
balance out.
Unfortunately, we never moved to Virginia so I'll never know if I could have
pulled it off. I would be extremely limited if I tried to do it up here in
Zone 3.!?!?!? ............vic

lostman_amiga@yahoo.com wrote:

> I dont know if this is an idea that would be wrong for this forum, but
> I thought I would suggest it anyway....
> A little background first...
> I am working on a fairly ambitious project(for me)of re-landscaping my
> yard with edible plants.  I have done a fair amount of research for
> being such a newbie at this, but there is nothing like getting
> differnet peoples opinions first hand about all this.  This is what
> makes this place and other forums so crucial to me. I only wish I
> could show people my space and what I want to plant. I spent a great
> deal of time planning on paper my landscape design to get a clearer
> picture in my head of what would go well in the space. I also thought
> it would be a great way to show others what I want to do.
> Unfortunately, most people I know think I'm a bit odd for not planting
> lawn grass, flowers, and boxwoods. I didnt really have a group to go
> to till I found NAFEX. But I still would like a few people locally
> that I could actually show things too.
> So, to make a long story short, I thought maybe I can upload my
> yard plans to the forum file sections for feedback.  Better yet, maybe
> a folder of landscape and orchard plans so everyone can share thier
> vision with others......?  Would this be to difficult to manage?
> any problems this might cause?
> I know this might be overstepping my bounds as a new NAFEX online
> member, but would the members and the owner be interested in doing
> something like this?  I would love to see what other people are
> planting.

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