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Re: [nafex] Canadian sources


The last time I spoke with Woodwinds Nursery in Bluevale, Ontario they were
trying to get access to Fred Janson's collection.  I beleive she told me the
new owner has horses and she is afraid the orchard will be used for pasture.

You would have to check with Woodwinds to see if they were successful in
gaining access.  But they do have access to other large collections (also at
risk of loss).


Claude Jolicoeur wrote:

> Maxwell,
> I do not have these varieties. Fred Janson had most of them, but
> unfortunately he left us and his orchard is lost. I am however aware of
> some canadian sources that have some of them.
> A 15:43 01.02.18 -0000, vous avez écrit :
> >Do any Canadian members have any of the following (apple scions)?
> >
> >Ananas Reinette
> CCG, Taylor
> >Anna Boelens (reputedly very much like Cox's, and is in fact a Cox's
> >cross)
> I have never heard of this one
> >Pomme d'Api (Lady)
> CCG, Hunter, Vineland, Woodwinds
> >Ard Cairn Russet ("tastes just like a banana")
> none to my knowledge
> >Karin Schneider (Red Ingrid Marie) (I had several trees of this myself
> >until the deer ate them off to the ground - locusts with hooves!)
> none to my knowledge (F. Janson had it)
> >Baldwin
> CCG, Hunter, Woodwinds
> >Sylia (an early Swedish apple)
> I guess you mean Sylvia here...
> where,
> CCG is the Canadian Clonal Genebank in Harrow Ontario,
> Woodwinds is a nursery in Ontario,
> Taylor is Ken Taylor, owner of a nursery near Montreal,
> Vineland is the Ontario research station at this location,
> Hunter is NAFEX member Daryl Hunter in New Brunswick.
> I don't have all the addresses of hand but I could find them if you want.
> Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec.

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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