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FW: [nafex] Canadian sources

From: Watermanmp@aol.com
To: lonrom@hevanet.com
Subject: Re: FW: [nafex] Canadian sources
Date: Mon, Feb 19, 2001, 7:18 AM

Hi Lon

Just to clear up a few things.  News of my disappearance are not true.  I 
have gotten married, bought a farm and am restructuring my life on Vancouver

Island.  I am currently working in venture capital and am with 
www.trafford.com and www.avt.net 
I hope to become active again in Nafex as soon as I can get a little more 
settled.  I would like to have a database set up of all Canadian members
material to offer.  But rigt now, I am lacking in bandwidth.

>  ----------
>  From: maxwell@IS.Dal.Ca
>  To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
>  Subject: [nafex] Canadian sources
>  Date: Sun, Feb 18, 2001, 7:43 AM
>  Martin Waterman has been listed as the Canadian sources contact for a 
>  number of years, but seems to have disappeared.  Does anybody know 
>  whether he is still around, and if not what the fate of his listings 
>  is?
>  Do any Canadian members have any of the following (apple scions)?
>  Ananas Reinette
>  Anna Boelens (reputedly very much like Cox's, and is in fact a Cox's 
>  cross)
>  Pomme d'Api (Lady)
>  Ard Cairn Russet ("tastes just like a banana")
>  Karin Schneider (Red Ingrid Marie) (I had several trees of this myself 
>  until the deer ate them off to the ground - locusts with hooves!)
>  Baldwin
>  Sylia (an early Swedish apple)

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