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[nafex] Re: Robert's landscape plans

--- In nafex@y..., Debby Williams <debby@d...> wrote:

Thanks for tips!

I may just have to move these little trees now while they young. I may
have to get something smaller that the Jelly Palm in front.  Was not 
sure if they would match the look anyway.
I have looked a the street clearance and the powerline issue.  It 
should be a problem unless the Fejoia get out of control. I have very 
nice friends on each side of me, but your right - things can easily 
change.  The backyard should not be much of issue for the neighbors. 
One side is a steep drop to the other side which is all dence 
undergrowth. The other is level but about same condition with alot of 
poision ivy, wisteria, and english ivy.  My clearing of the 
undergrowth on my property was nothing compared to what he has to do. 
All the same I may need to think about moving them in bit.
I love my neighbors.  I want to keep it that way :)     

> Robert,
> I just looked at your landscape designs and I wanted to point out 
> problem areas if this were my yard:
> 1.  Make sure the mature trees will not hang over the neighbors 
> My neighbor to the east of me routinely takes chainsaw swipes at my 
> apple tree when I am not home.  The poor thing has taken a horrible
> beating and hopefully he will leave it alone long enough this spring 
> I can give it a much needed shaping.
> 2.  The city routinely reviews trees overhanging the street - they 
> to have a certain clearance for large trucks to pass underneath 
> garbage truck).  Our city sends their own pack of butchers if it is 
> the easment, they send a letter to the homeowner giving 30 days to 
> a tree trimed if it is on the homeowners property.
> I am not able to tell by your design whether these will be issues, 
> being a tree lover I was not aware of these problems until I had
> personal experiences with them.  I noticed the mulberry is hanging 
> the fence line in your drawing and I know my hacking neighbor takes
> issue with my mulberry - so I keep it trimmed back as well as I can.  
> guess is it is just a matter of time before he attacks it as well.  
> may have a wonderful neighbor now, but you must consider if he moves 
> two years what you may have next door then.
> I don't know if anyone else pointed out power line considerations - 
> you have overhead lines this is another pack of butchers to 
> They frequently roam our neighborhood.  The utility company can give 
> the clearance guidelines for new tree selection.
> I am not sure if I am repeating some others suggestions - it 
> took me awhile to locate your drawings as I am new to NAFEX and 
> the post and where they were kept.
> --
> Debby Williams
> Author of Fruit and Urban Kitchen Gardening e-zines at:
> http://wz.com/homegarden/GardensPlants.html
> Regional Advisor at http://www.thevegetablepatch.com/
> Oakland County, Michigan USA;USDA Hardiness Zones 5b/6a

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