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Re: [nafex] FW: New Red Raspberry Means More Fresh Berries


I noticed this right away in reading the description on the new longer
season raspberry: 

"Coho gives high yields of bright-red, very firm berries.  It is named
after a red-skinned salmon commonly found in the Pacific Northwest. It is the
second red raspberry released by ARS berry breeders for the summer 
fresh-fruit market. The first, Lewis, was released in 1999. Coho was
developed by crossing Lewis with other breeding lines."

What I noticed was something that I was just discussing privately via
email with another NAFEX'r...  This new variety description talks about
yield, color and texture, and not a single word about TASTE.  Is taste
primary or secondary to these qualities?  Guess that depends if you are a
commercial grower or not.

I realize that like it not, this raspberry will end up in the grocery
store, and end up "dumbing down" a whole new generation as to what a good
raspberry is supposed to taste like, but I want to make the comment

Thank goodness for NAFEX and all the older variety fruit collecitons, of
less marketable, better tasting fruit out there, because of their
good work.

All the best.  I will step  off my soap box now.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

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