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Re: [nafex] Neighbor's Trees - getting off topic

What if the tree is a fruit or nut producing tree?  I heard that the tree 
cannot be trimmed unless the owner gives permission. In essence you are 
decreasing the value of the tree because you are pruning off the bearing part 
of a tree. A friend of mine who has owns a filbert hedge 3 ft from the 
property line looked into this.  I know this is an off topic but I have a 
similar problem with my neighbor.  Recently I had a survey done and it turns 
out two pine trees which were planted by my neighbor are clearly on my side 
of the fence now.  I would like to take them out to give more light to my 
pecan trees. I am afraid if I cut them down I will be sued like a cigarette 
company. They were not happy with the survey but it was the second one I had 
done to make sure before I put up a fence to prevent their kid from mowing on 
my property.  The trees are about 15 ft. tall.  The trunks are completely on 
my side of the fence by about 6". Should I wack and stack them or prune 
severly or leave alone? Ken

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