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[nafex] Re: Books, cheap

We stopped at the big book warehouse in Valdosta GA and I bought 2 good
books.  I also missed one that some of you might be interested in.  I got
FLOWERING CRABAPPLES, THE GENUS MALUS, by John L. Fiala.  It's a $50 book, I
paid $15.  The two crabs I have heard mentioned as good edibles, Chestnut
and Caramel, are both mentioned as very disease resistant.  It's 250 pages,
120 pages just on variety descriptions and ratings.  I did not buy a copy of
a book on purple leaf plums, it too was discounted by about 2/3.  I think
that was the title, "Purple Leaf Plums".  I also bought the revised and
    I can't tell you their phone number, but I do think they will ship
books, and I don't think the tree books will be sold out yet. We were there
6 days ago.   Donna

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