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[nafex] Ashmead's Kernel, Golden Russet & Myer's Royal Limbertwig

Does anybody have information about the bloom time or pollination requirements of these 3 varieties?  I will be planting them in the fall (01).  I have a Malus floribunda growing in the back yard and a Callaway crabapple growing in the front yard.  I know that the floribunda is an early bloomer but don't know about the Callaway since it has not bloomed yet.  However, it has bloom buds on it now, so it should bloom this spring.  If so, I will know when it blooms.  I am in mid-upper Zone 7.  I can put 2 of the 3 trees noted above in the back yard with the M. floribunda and the 3rd tree in the front yard with Callaway crab, but as I don't know the bloom times of the 3 apples, I have no idea how to split them up.  It may be that they are all so good at self pollinating that I don't have to worry about it.
    Also, does anybody have any general (or specific) information about the various Limbertwigs.  There seem to be a lot of them and they seem to vary considerably.  Is the only constant they have that they tend to have a weeping habit?
John Fears

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