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[nafex] buckthorns

	Having never seeen a sea buckthorn I typed in buckthorn in a search engine 
to see if it is any relation to common buckthorn.....(The very invasive 
Eurasian species  Rhamnus Cathartica).   Didn't find any connection, other 
than the Rhamnus-Rhamnoides coincidence.
	 In southern Minnesota the DNR is working at eradicating common buckthorn, 
but here in the northern parts it's only an occasional bush/tree.  It so 
resembles the prunus family to a non-botanist like myself that i have tried 
grafting plums onto it without success.  Now I guess i know why.  Rats, 
hoped I might have found a use for the nuisance.   However, my wife and I 
have named it "Minnesota Rosewood".  Its wood can be that startlingly 
	In this search I found a fine web site from B.C. Canada.....complete with 
pretty photos and lots of info
								Mn. Del

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