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Re: [nafex] Thanks Yahoo Groups


So have I caught several viruses?  My virus software isn't that out of
data, and it hasn't noticed anything.

I didn't catch the virus that everyone was talking about because it was
an outlook-only thing.  (I deleted all the letters that might have
carried it, because I think I could have spread it by mistake if I
didn't.)  Have there been a lot more?


Tom Olenio wrote:
> Hi All,
> Prior to the move from Egroups to Yahoo Groups, a rare virus laiden
> email slipped through.  Now with Yahoo Groups I must see 7 or more
> viruses coming in a day.
> I would like to take this moment to thank Yahoo Groups for this
> onslaught of virus attacks on their list members.
> Personally, I would not care about losing the archives, if we could
> get back to a cleaner data stream of email.  The archives mean nothing
> if a PC is no longer operational because a virus sent to machine has
> killed it.
> I wonder if that is why the list is so quiet...  machines being
> snuffed out with viruses.
> Is there some reason we are not looking at MOVING the NAFEX egroup to
> a cleaner data stream?
> Really tired of virus attacks,
> Tom.
> --
> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Canada
> Hardiness Zone 6a
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