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Re: Cornus Mas

Sorry, I have big bushes of Cornus mas of which one stands out, and I sell 
graft wood from it.  I am not selling seed, seedlings or grafts.

>From: Ginda Fisher <ginda@concentric.net>
>Reply-To: ginda@concentric.net
>To: nuttreegordon@hotmail.com
>Subject: Cornus Mas
>Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 08:32:16 -0500
>Mr. Gordon,
>Lon Rombough recommends you as a seller of Cornus Mas.  I was a little
>confused by your web site.  Are you selling Cornus Mas this year?  What
>are the terms?  Do you recommend spring or fall planting?
>Ginda Fisher
>eastern Mass., zone 6

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