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[nafex] Viburnum prunifolium-"black haw"

     Plants can be found at specialized nurseries.  It is available in 1 Gal and 5 Gal size at Forest Farm Nursery in Oregon at www.forestfarm.com .  The nursery content and variety are amazing but since they ship in dirt instead of bareroot, the shipping is mind boggling---about as much as the plant itself.  Speaking of variety, for example, they have 33 varieties of crabapple.  Four varieties of Akebia are available. 
    I, also, live in Atlanta, Ga and have V. prunifolium growing in my yard.  It is perfectly hardy well above Zone 7 here in Atlanta.  Grows to a small tree/large shrub here.  I have only had mine about 5 years and it is about 8' tall and 6' wide.  It would be taller but I topped the central leader to try to make it spread out and thicken up a bit.  I have other viburnums in the yard blooming about the same time and mine blooms and sets fruit but the fruit drops off after a couple of weeks.  It is supposed to be one of the few viburnums with raw fruit that is palatable to humans.  I believe that wine and jelly are made from it, also.  If mine never fruits, it is still an admirable addition to my yard as form is attractive as are the leaves and fall color is excellent.
    Keeping the Forest Farm plug going---I just counted and they have 62 varieties of Viburnum.
    Happy shopping!
John Fears

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