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[nafex] rooting prunus


Dear NAFEX friends

Regarding the questions about rooting of prunus cuttings


The IBA Immerse method is suited to hard to root plants.
It is used to root prunus rootstocks, evergreen. deciduous
shrubs. conifers. platanus acerifolia (London plane)
(Macdonald. 1986. ill.: pg. 345-346).
Immerse the basal ends of the cuttings approximately one
inch in solution for 4-12 hours.
For cuttings propagated under mist the treatment is a
maximum of four hours.
The cuttings are planted immediately after treatment.
For woody and herbaceous cuttings use 50-150 ppm IBA
dissolved in water.

European growers have for over fifty years used the IBA
Immerse method to root cuttings of prunus rootstocks
including St. Julien (plum and other stone fruit, etc.).
In the Autumn sixteen inch cuttings are taken from the
parent plant.
Basal ends of the cuttings are Immersed in 100 ppm IBA
dissolved in water for 6-12 hours.
Cuttings are then bundled in groups of 25.
Bundles are wrapped in perforated transparent plastic
The wrapped packages are placed into crates which are piled
to allow air circulation.
The crates are left in cold storage at a temperature above
freezing (33-35F) for the Winter.
Ethylene generation is checked regularly as it could be
toxic to the cuttings.
During cold storage a callus ferrule forms around the lower
end of the basal end.
In the Spring the cuttings are planted in the open.

Two products are used for IBA by our research: for small
users the Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets and for larger
users the IBA Water Soluble Salts

Our friends at Phytoronics can supply the 20 tablet packages
of  Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets if your local
distributor does not want to carry them: Phytotronics,
314-770-0717 USA (attention: James Grouzos)
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