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Re: [nafex] Re: Yahoo signup

Yahoosucks and Yahoo_sucks were taken when I signed up.

Kieran or Donna wrote:
> Well guys, I have been through the Yahoo signup myself now, trying to get
> onto another newlist that I used to be on before THEY also switched.  I was
> annoyed by the list of questions and lied about them all.  I had to actually
> get out a book full of Latin plant names to find an "ID" that was not
> already taken, finally they accepted "abelmoschus" after claiming that
> Amaranth, Brassica, Madra (Irish for dog) and several others were all taken.
> THEN and only then did they inform me that I hadn't told them an email
> address to sign up from.  After another 15 minutes searching for somewhere
> to complain, and failing, I went back and tried to "convert" our email
> address (that's what their form said I was doing) only I had to have an
> authorization code, and there was no sign of one in the confirmation address
> I sent.  In short, I can find no way to sign up for that group.  Thank
> goodness I somehow got swept in with the NAFEX conversion, or I'd be out of
> this group too.  I think my blood pressure has finally dropped down to
> normal levels in the time it's taken to type this.(I type kinda slow)  Hey,
> one of the "ID" names they told me was already taken was "Yahoostinks".  A
> pity, I'd have liked to be able to sign in with that one.  Also
> "yahoo_stinks" is taken.  Now I want to see if I get a lot of spam having to
> do with my supposed profession as some kind of banking manager.   Donna
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