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[nafex] Elaeagnus family (how to approach unknown plants)

I was looking around a nearby nursery the other day and found an nice 
looking shrub called "Elaeagnus" It looked similar to the Goumi.  
After just planting a small one the other day, I wondered about this 
plant.  The guy that was there did not know many details about the 
latin name, family nor if its edible, so I was just left wondering.  

Does anyone know if all Elaeagnus plants have edible berries?

This brings up a larger issue for me.....
  (Please note that I am a novice at all this plant exploration stuff)

I have looked on the web for different variation of Elaeagnus, but 
havent found to much.
If you all were in my same situation, what would you do with the 
What methods would you use to invigate it's possiblities?

Would this be a a good plant to try grafting to?
Would it polinate the other plant?

Just curious

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