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Noticed your plea about them.
They grow wild in our forrest here on the Oregon Coast.
We have gotten down to 9 here and it did not kill them.
They are my wife's favorite berry for pies and eating on her cerial.
I don't think I have tasted a better pie than she makes out of them.
They get mostly no sun at all in our forrested lot.
It is 90% Sitka Spruce, about 150' tall and completely shades the 
forrest floor. There is a tree about every 20 feet and the 
huckleberries grow between them in the duff.
I imagine they would grow in an eastern oak forest just as well.
They seem to like the extremely acid conditions here.
If you want to pay for shipping I can send some seedlings by Priority 
They are weed here and I have to pull them up all the time.
The birds spread the seeds.