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Re: [nafex] Spring pruning: currants, apple, grape


Could a Crandall be tied into an upright habit?

Possibly a tomato cage would do the job.  Anyone tried this?


"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:

If you cut all the shoots off a Crandall, the new growth will be very upright and the next season it will be a mass of bloom and fruit.  Only after that does it begin to droop, as the shoots get older.   With this in mind, I tried alternating with several bushes - prune one to the ground one year, alternate to the other(s) the next.  That way you always have part of them in the upright, attractive phase.  The alternative is to cut out all the two year and older shoots every year to induce the plant to keep pushing the new, upright growth.
-Lon Rombough
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Subject: Re: [nafex] Spring pruning:  currants, apple, grape
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I have grown Crandalls for a number of years and they do get scraggle, and
they will bend to the ground with the weight of fruit.I try to take out most
of the side branches and tie most of the main upright canes to a wire
trellis.I think now that if I were re-doing the rows, I would do them like I
do raspberries. I put two steel fenceposts at each end of the rows, about 30
to 36 in apart and run wire to each of them. This will allow the row to be
supported by the wire. I would run two wires, one about 15 in off the ground
and the other about 36 in off the ground. Crandalls put on a very heavy load
of fruit.
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