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[nafex] More grape pruning questions

Thanks for all the advice.  I have also read the planting guides
provided by some merchants.  I have come up with a plan to train my
canadice grape to my "rose arch", and would appreciate criticism and
other comments.

The arch is about 7 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and 15 inches deep.  For
practical purposes, it is two large upside-down "U"s with 15" connectors
between them in several places.  There is one set of connectors right
where it turns in (near the top) and there's another set on the upper
portion, so the 5' is broken into three roughly equal sections by four

The vine is now a little above the connector where the top bends in.  I
am thinking I might let a few buds grow this year, and train the
strongest stem across the top.  I will train another along the
connector.  Next year, I will let the one across the top grow four stems
- one towards each of the four connectors along the top.  Then I will
prune these back, and try to maintain four fruiting stumps, one by each

I have no idea how vigorous the vine is, and if trying to train it to
this scale makes sense.  The grape has to find some way to grow on the
arch though, wire trellises and "T" pruning is not an option in the

Eastern Mass, zone 6, where today was a perfect planting day. 
Blueberries, a currant, a raspberry, and some evergreen huckleberries
from a generous NAFEXer in the Pacific NW.  Signs of spring everywhere.

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