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Re: [nafex] Re: spring

Maybe the marketing outfit hired to promote Bounce was having a hard time coming up with new marketing ideas...
I agree with Gordon's comments that deers can get used to anything when food is at stake.
Think of yourself if you had not eaten for a day...
All jokes put aside, a fence usually deters them, unless a tree of beautiful ripe apple convince them to jump over...
Dogs will do the trick too, as long as they don't make friends....
Deer meat is good to eat...
Maybe, you should consider them sent from Heaven especially to fill your freezer...
Gardening is so much fun!  :>)
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Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 7:51 PM
Subject: Re: [nafex] Re: spring

Deer that live that close to people do not shy away for very short time it
has been proven.
  I used to do all the things that they say deer will be scared away from
while hunting. eat meat sandwiches, urinate from my tree stand, drive my 4
wheeler up and park in brush behind my stand, go out in work clothes with
oil etc. have even poured a bottle of after shave lotion from my stands.
Maybe it's because they are always sniffing the ground that they don't see
me take aim on them. Save your money, unless your buying lead.
Here it's time once again to replace the roses that the deer have eaten to
the nub.

I read in the last issue of Kitchen Gardener of yet another "sure-fire"
to try on the deer. It is to hang or stake into the ground sheets of the
fabric softener "Bounce" near the plants that the deer are feeding on. Deer
are reported to dislike the scent and the sheets are said to be effective
months at a time, even after rains. Naturally, I've got little white sheets
staked all over the garden. Hope springs eternal.

Jack Fischer
Oakton, Virginia

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