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[nafex] free mulch

For those that don't frequent the back alleys behind lumber yards here's is 
a resource of woven fabric tarps.....some 25' long or more, some black, and 
often free for the taking. They are the tarps used to transport the more 
valuable forms of lumber around this continent.

I'm trying them out presently to kill areas of sod that I can't get the 
tractor in to plow (just too tough 'as is' for our troy built), but I'm sure 
I'll find other uses. I'll post later this season how they've worked.

I propose a self-appointed "Dumbest Idea of the Month Award". I think I get 
it for late last October laying down some of these tarps (instead of waiting 
till now) to kill sod.....I just pulled one up and disturbed a quidjillion 
field mice all snug and warm for the winter!......Mn. Del
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