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Re: [nafex] Greenhouses

Thanks everyone for the glass / green house discussion so far. I believe the 
panels i referred to a few days ago might well be 'low E'. However, I have 
heard that 'low e' coating is only good for 20 years anyway, and these are 
used windows. Anyone know of a way to test for what % of which radiation 
does penetrate different kinds of glazing?
	Jerry you mentioned solar powered fan, got a web site for them? I'm also 
looking for solar powered water pump to get water up hill to my orchard 
tank.   Thanks   Mn. Del

p.s. my previous posting was sent days before.....i often get"delayed 
delivery notificatiions" it sometimes takes 3 or 4 days before the email 
gets sent....don't know why.

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>Subject: [nafex] Greenhouses
>Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 09:07:09 -0800
>I have enjoyed the group discussion on greenhouse glazing.  For my 14' x 
>greenhouse I put triple wall polycarbonate in the roof and double paned 
>glass for the walls.  Yesterday I was installing a solar powered fan in the
>greenhouse.  It was a nice sunny day, and after mounting the fan I set the
>solar panel up next to the glass in direct line with the sun.  Nothing
>happened.  I moved the solar panel all over inside the greenhouse but I
>could not get the fan to turn.  So I opened up one of the roof vents and
>slid the solar panel out onto the roof and the fan took off running
>immediately.  I'm guessing that the solar panel needs the uv light to
>generate electricity and that my double walled glass windows were screening
>out too much of the uv, and the triple wall was blocking too much of the
>full sprectrum light intensity.  Jerry Appleseed

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