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Re: [nafex] glass


>>But just as I decided that I needed a tougher material than double 
strength glass this discussion started and it has been elucidating. 
I have ordered some double wall polycarbonate from a farm supply 
place on the west coast.  It comes in 4'X8' sheets.  It seems 
relatively inexpensive although the shipping costs are horrendous. 

My question:  How does one cut the stuff?  With a circular saw?<<

I cut mine with a small hand held electric sabre saw.  I marked the cuts
with a straightedge and a "Sharpie" pencil.
Worked pretty good.   The stuff is pretty tough, but it cuts OK.  The sabre
saw was a lot handier, so I didn't try a circular saw, but it might work.  

Congratulations on getting a good deal.  I've never heard of anyone selling
double wall polycarbonate at anywhere near what I'd term a reasonable
price.   Are you absolutely sure it's polycarbonate and not twin wall
polyethylene?   The shipping and crating charges on mine were pretty
horrendous too.  And, of course, I changed my plans halfway through and had
to order some more, which  meant double the horrendous shipping and crating

 - Bob

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