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[nafex] Re: Cold

     Thanks for the kind offer, but I think being in Pennsylvania, 
and needing it by tomorrow night (or possibly tonight) its wouldn't 
get here in time (and its unlikely I'd get to spray it.) I'm going to 
try several ideas:  
1) Set up my sprinkler in one place 
2) Cover what I can and place filled water jugs under the covering. 
3) Hang miniature christmas lights on one apricot.

See what happens and watch the forcast.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6 

--- In nafex@y..., "GIANNI-2" <GIANNI-2@p...> wrote:
> Hello Bob & Chris:
> Thanks Bob...
> Thanks Gordon...
> I have the kelp spray Chris. It may help and your not far from me 
in NH.
> Send me an e-mail and I'll send you some to try. You may be very 
> Best wishes,
> Gianni
> S-NH Z 5/6
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>   Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 12:20 PM
>   Subject: [nafex] Cold
>   Chris,
>   I'm experimenting with a spray on product that was suggested by 
>   Nofs.   The company that sells it is Abscission Organics, phone
>   603-392-9330, e-mail Gianni-2@p...   They send a sizable free
>   sample, and also give a discount to Nafex members.  It's probably 
too late
>   to get any in time for the next cold snap, though.   
>   I've never lost a tree to a late freeze.  They get damaged and 
suffer a
>   setback,  but as soon as the warm weather returns, so does the 
>   - Bob
>   >  It's been a cool, damp spring here, so much flowering, growth 
has  been
>   delayed, but things have begun to push (apricot began flowering  
>   weekend)  Tonight temperatures are predicted in the low 30s and  
>   night I've seen predictions as low as 27 degrees.  If I  lose my 
fruit crop
>   for the year so be it, but on a number of plants  the leaf buds 
>   elongated and are starting to open.  I'm concerned  that the buds 
might be
>   killed and I might lose the plants.  Is this a  legitimate 
>   I can set up a sprinkler in one place, but my plantings are 
>   scattered.  If we do get to 27 degrees I'm not sure a sprinkler 
>   help. 
>   Any suggestions?  
>   Chris Mauchline SE PA, zone 6
>   P.S. One thought I had (since many of my plantings are small) 
was  that I
>   could drape the plants with buds the furthest out with wet  
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