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Re: [nafex] agricultural sand

I have been lucky with sand. If you are going to go out and dig it you have to be aware that naturally occurring deposits of sand come in a
wide range of coarseness. I have access to coarse sand with lots of organic material. This comes from the edge of a large rocky brook which
flows by my yard and forms sandy shoals each year. The sand is full of leaf mold and great for rooting cuttings and growing cacti and
succulents. Just downstream the deposits are more silty.
Aquarium gravel is often overlooked as a source of coarse planting media. It also has various sizes making it useful either alone or in
mixes. It can be found in natural, tumbled and unpainted.
The snow is finally moving off the garden and the pasture is starting to show patches of bare ground. This will be a winter for all of us
to remember won't it?
Vic in NH zone 3

tolenio@sentex.net wrote:

> Hello All,
> Hope everyone had a nice Easter, or passover.
> Can anyone tell me how you determine if sand is suitable for
> aricultural purposes, such as a rooting medium component?
> Thank you.
> Tom Olenio
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