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Re: [nafex] cold damage to trees

  Sorry to hear that. Nothing is blosseming out yet here in Flint, MI not 
even cherries or apricot.
The low here last night was 31 degrees. They were saying 20s, but the north 
winds across the lakes must have helped.

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Subject: [nafex] cold damage to trees
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 03:13:30 -0400

Greetings, NAFEX (midwest, esp.)

      Last night, temps. fell to around 20 degrees.  Apples and pears are
full-bloom to 95% post bloom (esp. pear).  Peaches, Japanese plum,
nectarine, etc. are in shuck-split (early fruit development).
This temperatures will not only take the fruit off, there will be some
damage to tissue (leaves, minor cracking of bark, etc.) which promotes
the rapid development of fireblight in apple and pear.
      If you desire to address this problem in a meaningful way, you'd
want to consider a very quick application of streptomycin.  For rapid
uptake of strep., the addition of foliar n. (regardless of form) will
help both in uptake of strep. and enhance repair of damaged foliage.
      Trees without fruit still require some additonial care or pest
control, albiet reduced.  I'd probably apply at least 2 more spray
applications of your regular mix to avoid CAR, scab and the usual
collection of leaf feeding insects.

      Just a thought.

Ed, So. Indiana, heaven (yes, it does freeze in heaven!!), etc

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