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[nafex] Cold Damage and Fireblight

Dear Ed and others,

    We had an uncharitable, uncharacteristic, and unpleasant hail storm hit
Houston a day or so ago with hail in some areas at baseball size and doing
between 50 and 75 million dollars damage to homes in the city.
Unfortunately, my magnificant crop of pears, on essentially blight-free
trees took a terrible beating.  I took Ed's suggestion and sprayed the trees
this evening with streptomycin and foliar nourishment but this may turn out
to be a natural experiment on which of our numerous low-chill pears are
really blight resistant. I had been struggling to fruit a pear that
allegedly has a coal black exterior, fortunately I had just "bagged" some
samples of this one the day before the storm and now hope the birds will be

                                    Regards, Ethan

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