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Re: [nafex] Natural fence, Homo ATaVistica

Hi Thomas:

Tough problem.  My condolences.  Consider a second fence 10 to 15 meters
inside the outside fence.  Invite builders to dump waste from old wooden
construction (aka, nails).  Charge a fee.

Bozos on ATVs see any kind of obstruction or vegetation as a challenge
to be subdued.  But they hate to walk.  If you happen to see an
inoperative ATV on your property you might feed it some suger...horses
love sugar and the horsies are tired.  There was a case in Wisconsin
where a farmer filled a 4WD with sloppy dairy manure.  Judge ruled
farmer had right to fertilize his field and 4WD was not supposed to be
there.  You could try fertilizing them ;-)

Plants that have not been mentioned that are worth a try include
blackberries and seedling pears.  European farm practice was to saw
partially through the trunk at about 1.5m height and bend it over.  The
tops could then be woven basket style between adjacent trees if they
were planted close enough.  Nasty job.  Probably reserved for
landowner's least favorite serfs.

Good luck.

Thomas Olenio wrote:
> Hello All,
> I would like some "living fence" ideas, to keep out unwanted ATV's, ATC's
> and dirt bikes.
> The gap is about 50' wide, under a bridge, running east west, so there is
> plenty of sun except under the bridge.
> People with no respect for property cut the fence under the bridge
> regardless of there being cattle in the field, to get there fill of fun on
> their machines in the pasture, destroying the grass the cattle feed on,
> and presenting a legal injury problem.
> At first I liked poison ivy and those sorts of things, but that may be too
> cruel for even these people.
> Any suggestions on a very cruel, thornded, fast growing plant/shrub/cane
> that will (over time) fill the gap 50' on the south side, and grow under
> the bridge?
> I still like the poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac approach, but
> part of me says not to do it.  But i am sure there is no law against
> planting such things on your own property. (evil grin)
> Under the bridge is also a haven for kids doing drugs, and I want to kill
> that idea too.  There must be some good choices to make that a nasty place
> to pass through, or be in.
> Even thought of keeping a fresh dead skunk under there.
> Hardiness zone 6a, southwest Ontario, spring flooding, damp/dry all
> summer, full south sun, shaded under bridge structure.
> Cuttings appreciated!  (of nasty thorned plants [smile])  Father inlaw is
> getting tired of replacing the fence and chasing cattle at age 75.
> Thought I could help with a living fence to protect the strands of barbed
> wire that cover the gap and run over the water, keeping the cattle in and
> forming a river gate.
> Thanks,
> Tom
> --
> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
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