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Re: [nafex] Was: cold damage to trees; Now: Kelp Works

  I'm not saying it was me, but I have mentioned Maxicrop a few times.
I know it works.

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From: "Doreen Howard" <doreenh@ticon.net>
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Subject: [nafex] Was: cold damage to trees; Now: Kelp Works
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 10:53:08 -0500

Reporting from the Upper Midwest--Zone 4b, Janesville, WI.

We have had two nights in a row that were in the lower 20's.  It was 21F
this morning for the low.  Also, we had snow showers off and on all day
Monday.  The daffodils and early tulips came through OK--flowers were frozen
but they thawed.  The Virginia Bluebells took it personally and turned
black.  Lilacs are OK, even though the first leaves are appearing.
Strawberries did well, too.  I sprayed them with Maxicrop (kelp powder) on
Monday morning when the rotten weather started.  Did the same with the
blueberries, which are about ready to burst buds.  I had set out
grown-from-seed petunias and pansies last week in the midst of the 70F
heatwave and figured that they were goners when the snow arrived.  Wrong!
Everything I sprayed with Maxicrop held up well.  I forgot to spray a group
of petunias and perennials tucked in a corner, and they are exhibiting signs
of damage--blackened foliage and limpness.  I can't remember who mentioned
the spraying with kelp to help plants endure cold temperatures.  But,
whomever, thanks!!  It works.
Doreen Howard

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