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[nafex] Bonjour from Quebec (off topic)

Hello all,
I know this is off topic, but I thought some of you could be interested in
reading about what is happening here in downtown Quebec. As you probably
know, there is a wall isolating the center of town where the Summit
discussions are held. I live outside of the enclosed area, about 5 minutes
walk from the wall. Lots of people around. Mostly peaceful manifestants -
there was a huge walk earlier this afternoon, about 50000 peaceful people
with music, clowns and a lot of banners.

There are a few hot points however where a small number of radical
manifestants constantly try to destabilize the police and put the wall
down. And the police react with gaz and water to repel them. They are
however very well equipped with masks and they are able to throw the gaz
cans back towards the police. Quite interesting to look at, but from far
enough from the gaz shooting area...

I don't feel any real threat, the children play outside as usual, but the
helicopters are continually flying over our heads...

This is a beautiful day in Quebec, the warmest yet this spring and very
sunny. I would prefer to be in my orchard (which is about 80 km from here),
but, as my house is quite close to the hot points, I thought it was
preferable to stick around. And I must say it is quite an interesting
experience to see all this activity from so close...

I wish you all a peaceful weekend.
Claude, live in downtown Quebec.

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