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Re: [nafex] Re: Natural fencing Suggestions

Here in 8b SE Louisiana, I use Cherokee Rose. It is truly a vicious and inpenetratable barrier. It will take meat off the bone if you get into it.  It is also very beautiful in bloom and just growing.
Good Luck
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Subject: Re: [nafex] Re: Natural fencing Suggestions

>I believe the living fence will eventually creep and fill the gap.  If I can
>get 45' feet established, leaving that last 5 feet for their
>inevitable passing, sooner or later that gap will close too. 
you might also try digging a great hole in front of the gap when you finally
move to close it.
I'd have to go with the recommendations for Hawthorne; there are also some
good Prunus to try too, like Sloe or Blackthorn, P. spinosus (who cannot
understand that Latin?!) If they can make a bull-proof hedge... they respond
well to pruning and shaping and are tougher than the rose. Brambles could be
mixed in, why not?
>There is nothing worse than a thicket of thorned brambles (not just a fence
>row), and that is what I want along the river and under the
It's a shame that you're not in the tropics- Belizean riverbanks are often
covered with a local bamboo, Guadua spinosa, which grows like kikuyu grass,
rooting at nodes, but is armed with 1 inch spikes pointing fore and aft, and
forms 15 ft tall entanglements.... can't see over it, struggle through it, or
crawl under it...

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