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[nafex] Re: frost

My lowest temperature (thus far) this spring was 27 F.  I think I 
managed to delay budbreak by using the piling snow method (but we had 
more snow than some years, though never permanent).  And when the low 
temps came I used a sprinkler on my Japanese plums and miniature 
lights on my apricot (and on the coldest night, I wrapped some of the 
limbs (with the lights on) with towels.  This was practical because 
my trees are young and small.  But I may get a crop this year.

There was an article in the recent Pomona about protecting apricot 
trees from frost.  If I remember the article correctly the focus is 
on two things:  1) Delay bud break, and 2) protecting blossoms once 
bud break occurs.

I had some frost damage on other things (like blackberries), but in 
most cases the bud wasn't killed, just a few of the earliest leaves.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@y..., "carolyn wood" <natvwine@c...> wrote:
> With all the frozen fruit being reported, I am remembering a photo 
of some
> Chinese farmers working in a kiwi "orchard." The rather large 
trunks were
> wrapped in some white material and I assumed it was to help keep 
the vines
> dormant longer. 
> Has anyone studied this practice and might it be of use with 
apricots and
> cherries?
> My apricot trees are to be ornamental for the fourth year in a row.

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