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[nafex] Re: Irish Peach apple

A 12:20 01.04.25 -0400, vous avez écrit :
Being an Irishman I was wondering what an Irish Peach was.
Can you tell me a little something about it?

Best of growing,

About Irish Peach :
According to Bultitude's "Apples - a guide to the identification of intenational varieties": Raised in Ireland, possibly in Sligo. Introduced to England in 1920. Ripens early, high quality dessert apple, Purely a garden variety. Small to medium size. Ground colour pale yellow. Much flushed and mottled with orange red becoming brownish. Short broken stripes. Skin rather greasy. Also called Early Crofton.

According to Daryl Hunter in his "Kitchen Orchard" CD: An ancient Irish apple from Eire, Ireland, introduced to North America in 1820. First mentioned in 1812 in an Irish survey as a "new" apple. The background colour is yellow flushed with a heavy coat of orange-red, turning brownish as the fruit ripens. Its skin is waxy. The flesh is firm and juicy with a flavour similar to the early apples like Yellow Transparent but perhaps a little more flavourful. Great for both dessert and cooking. Ripens mid August. Exhibits high resistance to scab and powdery mildew and is completely resistant to fire blight. Slow to bear. Keeps only about 3 weeks. A tip bearer. Tends to be biennial. Zone 3b.

Hoping this helps...