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Re: [nafex] Irish Peach Apple

Greetings Claude:
Irregardless, the malus family is well represented here in this the clearing
house Nafex aficionado's. The wealth of knowledge here is astounding.
A valuable resource in the rough yet, we overlook it probably because we
tend to take it for granted.
Still, many thanks...
S. NH Z-5/6
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Subject: Re: [nafex] Irish Peach Apple

A 23:27 01.04.25 -0400, vous avez écrit :
Hi Don:

With Claude's info & rendering's and Don kicking it over the edge,
boy oh boy. The minds on here dedicated to apples is astounding.
Thanks for all the background...

Please keep in mind that all I did was to quote 2 other people on this Irish Peach. One is from England and the other is in New Brunswick (zone 4), both places being very different from your Minnesota or Don's Virginia. I have never grown it myself and thus have no personnal opinion on it... There is another similar apple sometimes grown in Quebec, called Peche de Montreal (or Montreal Peach), possibly of Russian origin, that some claim to be the same as Irish Peach.

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