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[nafex] Lodi vs. Yellow Transp.

    I have not grown Lodi, but some of my relatives out in Iowa have
one, and it appears to be identical in character and appearance to my
Yellow Transparent.  Most nursery info describes Lodi as an "improved"
Yellow Transparent, although I have never been clear on wherein the
improvement lies.  It may be that it has the potential to be slightly
larger, although thinning can produce quite a large Y.T. as well.  Mine
grow so fast that they often crack as they approach the yellow stage,
and have to be removed immediately.  I once read about the cross that
produced Lodi, and I think your info is correct that it was Montgomery,
whatever that is.
    I do have another Y.T. cross: Early Cortland, which is Y.T. x
Cortland, but the appearance is quite different than Y.T. in that it is
a red apple, and ripens just a few days later than Y.T..  I think it is
also slightly more durable off the tree than Y.T..  Unfortunately, my
Early Cortland tree, although large and mature, has never had enough
blossoms to set a decent crop of fruit in spite of my best efforts to
prune and shape it into submission.  The same thing is happening again
this spring.  I can see fewer than a dozen blossom clusters up there.
The tree is over 10 years old, and I still don't have enough fruit to
even make a judgment on it.

   BTW,  I was thinking about your black flies, and, although they may
be more agressive than the gnats that plague N. Virginia in summer, I
have had great success by spraying a little "OFF" into my palm and
applying it around my eyes and ears, which are the favorite gnat
targets.  On a moist day in summer, I am often out there puttering
around in a virtual cloud of gnats, and I am not even a really tasty

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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