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Re: [nafex] Hunza apricots, a report

There is a similar wild apricot called localli CHULLI.  It grows in the
Kinnaur District of the State of Himachal Pradesh in North West India.  This
area is contiguous to Tibet border and has a very harsh climate.

Chulli fruits are eaten, they are also used to make an alcoholic brew.  The
kernels contains an oil that has many medicinal properties.  It was used for
lighting in pre-electricity days in that region.  It is also used for

I had published an article about this fruit in the Fruit Varieties Journal
about ten years back.

I can arrange the seeds and budsticks too.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
Horticultural Consultant on Lesser Known Indian Fruits
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> Hello all:
> A quick report on "Hunza" apricots.
> Dr Maxine Thompson brought back budwood and seed from a trip to
> Pakistan.  The budwood was lost but the seeds were grown and evaluated.
> Dr. Craig Ledbetter has been using them in some of his breeding programs
> (based in California).  I got his name from Lon Rombough (thanks, Lon).
> Craig is a very pleasant fellow.  He sent me four selections.  I grafted
> them.  Two of them took:  1416-1 and 1393-6.  Both survived the winter
> with no dieback.  Low temperature was -14F.  Saw no dieback on sweet
> cherry, so it was not too tough of a test.  1393-6 had many blossoms.
> 1416-1 had none.
> Dr Ledbetter was very careful to warn me that these were not
> "commercial" quality apricots.  The fruit is small.  Notable
> characteristics were late blooming and high soluble solids.  1393-6
> bloomed three days before Harlayne, so late blooming might be a chill
> requirement issue.
>                                              Joe Hecksel
>                                              Eaton Rapids, Michigan
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