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Re: [nafex] "SURROUND"

Dear Mr. Jerk (no, really! that has got to be your pen-name!):

    One of the sales reps for "Surround" used to participate occasionally on this msg. board, but his name temporarily escapes me, and I
haven't seen any msgs from him lately.  He mailed me a packet of info on "Surround", which I still have.  It is supplied by:
Engelhard Corporation
101 Wood Ave.
Iselin, NJ  08830-0770
Tel. 732-205-6913

    As you have observed, "Surround"  is composed of kaolin, a mineral clay widely used in products from kitty litter to paper coatings to
medicine for your tummy.  It is non-toxic, and especially suitable for organic growers who completely avoid any chemical pesticides or
fungicides.  To be effective, trees must be fully coated with this material, leaving them with a whitish appearance that does not
negatively affect their health or productivity, and in fact protects fruits from sunburn and is said to reduce russeting.
    I am not certain exactly what minimum quantities are sold by the company, but I have the impression that this product is primarily
targeted toward medium to large organic growers.
    While I do not doubt its effectiveness, and while I am always ready to reduce pesticide use when possible, I decided "Surround" was
really not for me.  At least not yet.  My entire back yard would take on a ghostly, whitish appearance, which  might puzzle the neighbors.
If I were a commercial organic grower, I would definately look into it.

Best Rgds, Don (also the jerk) Yellman

Jjerk5@aol.com wrote:

> Anybody out there have any experience with "Surround". It's supposed to be a
> barrier made from a kaolin and acts as a covering rather than a pesticide.
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