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Re: [nafex] Vitamins, yes! Beer, yes! Soap, nope!!!

The purpose of this mix is to increase the trees resistance to C.A.R ,fireblight,critters etc,it is not to increase growth.  Animals seem
to hate the taste of b complex vitamins on anything and the yeast,in my homebrew beer, does seem to overwhelm C.A.R.  The trees growth is
already pretty good anyway + ,although we have very high humidity,we get rain only occasionally here and it comes in storms almost always
and so I don't want to add stress to the trees by fertilizing them and causeing them to try to grow when it gets so dry. In essence,its a
stress reliever

Hortus wrote:

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> Subject: vitamins
> I mix one multivitamin in a 5 gallon sprayer, a cup of beer,
> and a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent, and that's
> it for my apple and pear,peach,and plum trees. I try to do
> this about once every 3 or 4 weeks The trees are in a steamy
> zone 5 near St.Louis and they do just fine
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> This sure sounds like a great idea to drink, especially if u
> up the volume of beer.
> Cut the soap cause it will cause a terrrrr-ble after taste
> and too much suds with the beer.
> Seriously, we have done quite a bit of research on the role
> of vitamins on the role of plant growing.
> There is some reason to believe that the B vitamins can
> improve growth, however, classical horticultural research
> (peer reviewed university research) is in-conclusive.
> We have looked a the 'formulas' of the snake oils (and the
> 'scientific" research behind them)  ... the verbiage is
> better then the physical result.
> Specific vitamins that are useful for human and animals are
> different that than multipurpose soluble fertilizer salts
> taken up and used by plants and algae's.
> They are metabolized by cells differently in plants and
> animals.
> it is better to use an all purpose soluble fertilizer on
> your trees than your mix.
> We like the soluble fertilizers cause of their rapid uptake
> during the shorter growing season (unless you select a dry
> fertilizer will have a schedule uptake during the active
> growing season.
> regards
> Joel
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