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Re: [nafex] Crandall Currants

I agree with everything Lon said.  (Except I haven't had trouble with
the dried flower - mine seem to fall off by themselves.)  I'll also add
that mine have been moved around a lot, and always take it in stride. 
I've grown them in moderate shade, with heavy competition from rank
ferns and occasional deer browsing, and while they didn't prosper, they
fruited enough that I decided to move them to a better spot.

I think they taste great - my favorite of the currents I've grown (a few
reds, and a Consort black).  They are fairly attractive even when draped
on the ground, are very cheerful in the spring, and smell nice, too
boot.  I haven't (yet) had any disease problems, and no serious insect
pests.  Easier than raspberries, and nearly as rewarding.


"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:
> The upright habit is mostly on the newer growth.  Unless you cut them back
> severely every year, they develop a somewhat weeping habit.  Also, in some
> conditions they will sucker, so keep an eye on that.  Usually it's not a
> problem, but you may find the bushes wanting to spread out a bit.
>     After having grown them for over 40 years, I have to say that the one
> fault is that, like so many currants, the removal of the dried flower from
> the bottom of the fruit is tedious if you are preparing a quantity of them.
> Other than that, the strongly scented flowers, shiny fruit, and rust
> resistant plant makes Crandall a dandy.
> -Lon Rombough
> Grapes, writing, consulting, more, plus word on my grape book at
> http://www.hevanet.com/lonrom
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> >From: Thomas Olenio <tolenio@sentex.net>
> >To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
> >Subject: [nafex] Crandall Currants
> >Date: Sun, Apr 29, 2001, 3:38 PM
> >
> >Hello All,
> >
> >I put in some Crandall currants last year and I cannot say enough good
> >about these ribes.
> >
> >They grew from bare root plants, into 3', small shrubs in just 1 years
> >time.  And too my amazement, they are flowering this year, and will bear
> >fruit.
> >
> >Fantastic upright habit, and nice shape.
> >
> >I got mine from Bert Dunn, who is a member of NAFEX and runs a hardy
> >grapes nursery in Tottenham, Ontario.  It was great a great experience
> >doing business with Bert.
> >
> >Is it uncommon for Crandall currants to do so well, coming out of the
> >gate?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Tom
> >
> >--
> >Thomas Olenio
> >Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
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