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[nafex] Questions on grafting, autumn olive, and Surround

I've been meaning to post for a few weeks now but I've put it off out 
of lazyness.  So now I've got several.

First, I've got a catalogue with grafting device I haven't seen 
before.  It consists of a cone shaped drill and a heavy duty electric 
pencil sharpener.  You put the end of the scion wood in the pencil 
sharper and make a nice point.  Then you use the drill to make a 
matching hole in the host.  Then you slap grafting wax around the 
union.  Has anyone tried one of these?  

Second, I've got two autumn olive that are four years old, one yellow-
fruited one red.  They have both grown well and are decent sized with 
the red one being bigger.  For the last couple years the yellow one 
has been chloritic when it comes out.  Preemergent soluble iron does 
not seem to help the problem.  I put on applications of folar iron 
and then subsequent leaves are okay.  This year the yellow one is 
really sick and the red one for the first time is looking chlorotic.  
Both had applications of soluble iron before the leaves came out.  We 
have a fertile clay soil, some alkalinity problems, but since the 
autumn olives are on a slope and I flood irrigate that shouldn't be a 

Third, the Surround posting mentioned incomplete control on coddling 
moths.  For complete control would you have to mix the diazanon with 
the Surround or apply seperately.  I've got asian pears and one apple 

Thanks for the help!

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