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[nafex] Cadet and Kerr

I found out that Cadet is not a plum or pear but rather an apple. Its 
the strangest looking apple scionwood I've had. At any rate, it is 
listed in Edible Apples of Prairie Canada. A correspondent of mine in 
North Dakota says that it came from Morden Nurseries, only a couple 
miles from his home in ND. He says that it is better than Kerr, about 
the size of Rescue, maybe a little larger, (large for an apple crab) 
and that it is hard yet very juicy and sweet, and super hardy.
On another note:
This same gentleman has been looking for an apple that he really 
likes called Goldo which he prefers to Haralson and which keeps 
nearly as long. Has anyone still got this apple?
My Kerr trees have been quite unusual, they grow very slowly which 
seems unusual to me seeing that it becomes a very large tree at 
maturity. Or is my memory failing me. Does Kerr produce a full size 
tree? Its early growth is like a dwarf, slow growing and bearing very 
young. Is this the experience of other Kerr growers? 
I think Kerr is an excellent apple, crisp, juicy, and sweet (nicely 
balanced actually). This correspondent of mine however doesn't think 
much of it. Any opinions out there?
Kevin B

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