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Re: [nafex] Pollen Grains

Hi Don:
A man much wiser than me I know from Nafex, tried to drive this point home with me in
referencing that "nature provides for pollination". Found it hard to believe when you have
flowers popping and the nite temps are in the 0's-30's.
So if you have very, very early bloomers and suspect due to temp, the pollinators are not
out, then manual process may suffice. I'm guessing it couldn't hurt as long as skin oils
stayed away from the pollen?
Thanks a lot Don, do appreciate it....
Apologies for jumping in on Robert's query.
Best of growing,
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 1:00 PM
Subject: [nafex] Pollen Grains

    Pollen grains vary somewhat in size, and, of course, in color, but
in general are microscopic in size and thus not visible to the naked
eye.  When magnified, many pollen grains look like little spiny sea
urchins, which is what irritates many people's allergies.  When
concentrated together, as on the pollen baskets of a bee, they are
highly visible and brightly colored.
    No, self-fertile/self-pollinating has nothing to do with it, and
there are no oils or other invisible substances involved, insofar as I
    Yes, I believe manual pollination definately helps, especially in
the absence of pollinating insects.

    Bees are attracted by both color and odor, which is why most flowers
have both.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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