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[nafex] Scree

To the person who wanted info on scree,
This was in the May issue of the Avant Gardener.  Hope this helps.
Doreen Howard

To many of us, the scree is a mysterious construction employed by expert
rock gardeners to grow choice alpine plant.  These tiny plants (but often
massive in flowers) - certain lewisias, campanulas, gentians, penstemons,
aquilegias and more- need the very special growing conditions that only
scree can provide.

In nature, a scree is a mountainside pocket of rocky rubble, exposed to icy
winds but affording perfect drainage.  To duplicate this in the garden,
excavate an area as large or small as desired, in full sun, to a depth of
30".  Save the topsoil for use in the scree mix, but discard the subsoil.

Fill the bottom 18" of the excavation with small boulders, rocks, broken
drain tiles, bricks and the like.  Then spread a thick layer of leaves or
inverted sod to keep the drainage from clogging up, and top this with 2" of

The scree mix is made up of 1 part each of loam, peat and coarse builder's
sand to 3 parts of pea gravel, plus a handful each of bonemeal and a
balanced organic fertilizer per wheelbarrow load of mix.  decorative rock
outcroppings or stepping stones may be set on this.  The whole area is then
topdressed with 1" to 2" of pea gravel before planting.


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