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[nafex] Re: Name that pear

Gina wrote:

Also, can bearing age pears be purchased and successfully 
transplanted?  We're thinking of planting a pear in his yard, but 
saplings take ages to bear, and he's old enough that time is worth 
more than money.

My reply:

Two thoughts on this.   

One Quince will survive easily in your area.   You can get fruit in 
three years.  It may or may not be obvious that for some varieties you 
will need an interstem.

Secondly, and boy I know this will be an unpopular thing to say.
You can cruise to your local Walmart and purchase a pretty good sized 
tree for 14-18 bucks.   All you have to do is select a couple of limbs 
and weight them down so they are nearly horizontal.  Make a slight 
notch above the selected limb and it will put on impressive growth.  
You can try to bud latter in the year, or graft on a variety you like 
the next year.  You might have fruit the year after.  

Wishing all of you the best of what life may bring,

                      the fluffy bunny


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