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Re: [nafex] Re: Rhubarb

I worked at a nursery that grew "Victoria" rhubarb from seed (that's the way
most of that variety is grown) and while there was definite variation from
seed, all of the seedlings were useable.  About the "worst" thing you might
get is a type with green stalks.  I don't consider that a problem, but some
people insist on colored stalks.
-Lon Rombough
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>From: "victoria l. caron" <vicaron@gis.net>
>To: Zonge@aol.com, "nafex@yahoogroups.com" <nafex@yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: [nafex] Re: Rhubarb
>Date: Sat, May 19, 2001, 4:41 AM

>I have grown rhubarb from seed, but am
>not sure if this method of propagation is dependable for traits. Common sense
>would say that if it's growing there, it should produce seed as adaptable to the
>area or more so than the parent.  Good luck, .........vic


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