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Re: bottled grapes

Hi Ginda,
	You can see a picture of the soda bottles in action at


Check out the bottom of the page.  Also, go back to the main byfg 
page to get other good links.

As far as when to do this, I typically will wait until the fruit has 
gotten mostly grown but still green.  That way I can spray for fungus 
or bugs until then.  Then I take a 2 liter clear soda bottle and cut 
off the the bottle at the neck so that I remove the screw threads 
which are hard to cut.  Then I slice the bottle down most of the way, 
poke several holes in the bottom to remove any condensation, and then 
just slip it over the bunch, and supporting the bottle or clipping it 
to a branch.  This works wonders for getting a full crop but it can 
be a pain if you have a lot of bunches.