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Re: [nafex] Organic Source of N

Thanks!  I forgot that poultry manure is almost pure nitrogen.  I'm going to
Lowe's Home Improvement Center tomorrow, and if I remember correctly, they
sell chicken manure (dried and composted) in 5 lb. bags.

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Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001 12:33 PM
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Hi Doreen:

Off the cuff here but, I can remember smelling the ammonia/nitrogen in my
Dad's hen house growing up.
I seem to remember 1 pellet (dropping) was overkill to a gallon of water and
you would get yellowing of leaves if overdone
but when the mix was right. Oh boy! Lush green leaves and growth almost
Best to you,
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  What is a good source of pure or almost pure nitrogen that is organic?  I
  usually don't apply N, because I use mycorrhizae on plants and trees.
  But....I have a situation where I need quick growth and lush green color
  a photo shoot.
  Doreen Howard,
  Wisconsin, where spring forgot us!  It's drizzly and cold.

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