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[nafex] Re: Round up damage

My father sprayed roundup around my place this spring (I had reluctantly given him permission).  His sprayer must of had a blockage and was shooting slight spray to the side I have roundup damage in a number of places, but some things haven't quite died, yet.  

I have damage on:
Honeyberry (Lonicera edulis) (The frustrating part is that this plant was recovering from lawnmower damage, and was one of two I'd gotten from Hidden Springs - the remaining two I have (one from HS and one from Forest Farm bloomed this spring - but perfectly sequentially a week after the HS was done blooming the one from FF bloomed)).

Blackberry (varying degrees of damage on 7 plants)

Climbing rose


Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

RoundUp kills from the roots up, if the leaves are showing stress it is most
likely too late.

But it is a contact poison, and has to be absorbed by the leaves.  If you do
overspray, or a gust of wind moves your
spray, remove affected leaves ASAP.

Rather than take that risk I suually cover small plant/whips with plastic
bread bags to prevent the contact poison from
getting on them.  Leave the bags on till the poison dries.

What type of plants?  Trees over a certain size should be safe.


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