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RE: [nafex] Re: parafilm results

Thanks for your reply.  I need to do some reading on summer grafting.  I
don't want to have you send it and then have it just sitting in my frig.
Hang on to your Ribston Pippin a little longer and I'll get back to you when
I learn how to use it.

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Wow!  You're ambitious.  Depending on the answer to the "how do you mail
the stuff" question, I may be able to give you a few of these.  I have
some left over dormant scion wood of Ribston Pippin in the fridge, and
last year I successfully grafted some Sweet Sixteen, Pitmasten
Pineapple, and Caville Blanc.  I might be able to spare a little of it
this year (have to check how it's growing.)  I'd suggest another source
for it if you can find it, though, as I suspect the tree I have them all
grafted onto has viruses.  (The tree is vigorous as all get out, but if
you have fancy rootstocks, they may not do so well.  I grafted
everything to the same mature wild crabapple.)

Ginda Fisher

Mark Lee wrote:
> Thanks for all the discussion on this topic.  I think what I did
> wrong was not getting a good seal over the graft.  I put parafilm or
> the budding rubber, and I didn't notice anyone else doing it in that
> order. I also only put one layer of parafilm without much overlap.  I
> didn't stretch the parafilm, so it wasn't on as well as it could have
> been.  I think next year I will go back to my low tech tape method of
> grafting that used to work well for me.
> I think I need to learn how to do bud or chip grafting.  How do
> people exchange apple wood by mail when they do this kind of
> grafting?  Do you send just the buds or whole sections of scionwood?
> If I can find fellow NAFEX'ers that can share material for bud/chip
> grafts, maybe I'll give it a try this summer.  Here is a list of the
> varieties that didn't take for me this Spring.  Reply to me offline
> at markl@nytec.com if you know a source of the following for summer
> grafting:
> Palouse
> Mantet
> July Red
> Geneva Early
> Milton
> Williams Early Red
> Sweet Bough
> Coles Quince
> Coes Golden Drop
> Epicure
> Sweet Sixteen
> Sinta
> Signe Tillisch
> Sandow
> Saint Edmunds Pippin
> Ribston Pippin
> Red Ester
> Pitmaston Pineapple
> Paulared
> Milo Gibson
> Jefferis
> Grimes Golden
> Cinnamon Spice
> Hudsons Golden Gem
> Calville Blanc
> Thanks,
> Mark Lee
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