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[nafex] Re: apple's worms

Blue River wrote:

Hi, if any one knows how to control apple's worms by
                 organic solutions spray, please let me know.

                 I have 2 apple trees but the worms eat all, I don't
                 know how to control it and I don't want to use
                 pesticide to spray my apple trees

My reply:


First of all I cannot help you in the sense that you requested, but 
perhaps I can help you in another fashion.  

Organic is very mismanaged word.  Your usage of the word "pesticide" 
and the word "spray control" is basically an oxymoron.   If it keeps 
the pest away and deters a pest, it is a pesticide.  

In addition many so called organic solutions are probably more harmful 
then their "pesticide" counterparts.  And then there are the home 
brewing fans of Jerry Baker...I would think twice about most of those 

I am primarily an organic gardener...however I have given up on any 
fantasy of growing chemical free apples in my area.  My neighbors 
sadly neglected trees, the 100 year plus decaying remains of old 
orchards virtually assure me of heavy pest pressures.  So wihtout 
regard for  my efforts at biodiversity I am at the mercy of the moron 
with 12 neglected old variety crab trees across the street.

My suggestion is decide your tolerance level.  I would also ask 
yourself "why"?   A lot of people object to so called pesticides 
because they are indiscriminate killers...true, but it depends on 
usage.   For instance the home grower can get away wiht a row of 
cordons on M27 or M26 rootstocks.   With such a set-up you can easily 
eyeball your plants as you spray them and make sure the spray goes 
where it is intended and is not wasted.  So in th eoverall scheme of 
things how harnful is my spraying of a few cordons in a yard that is 
90% chemical free???   Bu the by in my pest infested area I can grow  
the following without using any sprays and with little effort:

sour cherries
musk melon
sand cherries

with light sprays(dormant oil and Imidan):


If you look at the above list you can see I am in fruit from May until  
October without having to even think of sprays.

One advantage of the home orchard is you can choose the level of 
pesticides to use.  Where as your apples in the grocery store may be 
nuked a dozen times you can grow decent apples with about 4 sprays.  

With varietal selection you can probably reduce that to two and still 
get 50% usable fruit.

Good luck and good growing,

the rabbit



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