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Re: [nafex] 3 rhubus ?'s


Have you thought about putting small weights on the canes, and let time and
gravity slowly bend the canes down?  You would weights heavy enough to do the
job, but light enough not to break the cane.

However, would horizontal positioning result in poor cane vigor and fruit?
Don't know.


del stubbs wrote:

> My illini hardy blackberries that got winter fried above the snow (as
> perhaps they should here) are showing new laterals. These are coming only
> from the few of last years growth that laid right on the ground. We had
> about 18" snow cover in this area all winter.
> Problem is, to foster horizontal growth one has to bend them over, and they
> definitly don't like it....too brittle. I found this the same in the autumn
> bliss raspberries.
> My idea is to use the 'Siberian method' were they grow even fruit trees
> horizontal under the snow, but the rhubus so far I don't see any practical
> way - considering how tender and brittle the growth is.
> Any ideas?
> Definition question: the blackberry canes that grew last year yet didn't
> flower (that are now sending out laterals) are these old canes still called
> floricanes? and this years laterals primocanes?
> third question...I've transplanted local wild blackberries into our very
> rich garden soil....hoping to see if I can get bigger than pea size fruit.
> The leaves are all yellow, yet no other plants are. The habitat I took them
> from is shady, sandy, acid....the opposite of our garden, but the other
> berries love it here. I wont grow them if I have to re-create the acid sandy
> soil, but I'm not convinced its necessary.
> Any clues on the yellowing?
> Thanks, Mn. Del, where it will be a miricle to have 'knee-high-by-the-4th'
> this year (its finally dry and warm enough to plant today), but the sun has
> returned and things are just exploding, including the promise of a good wild
> gooseberry, saskatoon, and chokecherry harvest.
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